Abstract Hourglass

Abstract Hourglass


This modern Scandinavian design comes as a readymade kit that includes everything you need to create a beautiful piece of oversized artwork. It's a collaboration between artists — me & you. I hand draw the foundation of each painting and you hand paint the line and fill work making it a unique piece of handmade work. It’s large scale helps give big blank walls a focal point and adds a bold pop of modern design to your place.

• A massive 31" x 47" piece of hand cut, raw canvas with a hand sketched template
• 8oz of matte black acrylic paint
• A 3/4" nylon brush

KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE FRAME - However, kits include information where to get the inexpensive frame seen in the gallery. The canvas also hangs beautifully unframed with raw edges or in a simple poster hanger as well.

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